Broadway, The Cotswolds, and Ice Cyder!


Broadway press Ice Cyder, waste apple pulp fed to pigs
Broadway press Ice Cyder, Iced apple juice,colleting apple windfalls to make cider

Since arriving in the Cotswolds, we have been in awe of its timeless charm and natural beauty, making us proud to call it our home. During our first Winter, we were surprised to notice entire orchard floors carpeted with fallen apples, left to mulch the soil or provide a winter buffet for visiting birds. Even more surprising was a trip to the local supermarket, to find the apples on sale had arrived from as far away as China during the UK season's prime.

We decided that these apples contained too much heritage and character to simply go to waste and began building Broadway Press. We work closely with local growers to obtain and process as much of their Class II crop as possible so that apples which are considered too big, small, unshapely or discoloured have a new lease of life in the form of our exciting new product range. We use several varieties of otherwise immaculate apples, making each batch beautifully unique.

Our freezing method provides us with yet another great advantage here - in addition to processing our apples for us, it  also preserves them for months longer than they would be traditionally, helping to reduce food waste even further.

We pride ourselves on our eco-friendly approach, from our initial goal of reducing food waste from perfectly good local apples, to collecting and recycling our bottles and only using biodegradable and compostable cups at our festivals and events!

Our waste apple pulp is welcomed by our local farmer's pigs and cattle, who enjoy this as a tasty treat!


One of the many majestic features you may be lucky enough to encounter are the abundant apple orchards, some many decades old, with trees that despite their gnarled and wizened appearance, stand stoically in the face of the elements to produce an abundance of delicious fruit every autumn. It is our aim to ensure this integral part of the Cotswold landscape remains for future generations to be enjoy by highlighting the true value of the apples we have inherited.

In September, we were delighted to announce that Broadway Press had moved in with Cotswold Orchards, a family run apple farm on the edge of Broadway! The move has allowed us to scale up capacity and work alongside one of the finest apple growers in the UK!


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