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Gin 'n' Juice, BBC Good Food and 10% OFF

As frosty mornings mark the beginning of December, we've been getting into our own Christmas Spirit with our Gin 'n' Juice! It seems a very long time ago now since the first apples of 2020 were picked and our new cider making season began. It was around that time that we started experimenting with the apple juice that makes our cider so special, as a mixer to blend with spirits. After many batches were created and some extensive taste trials, we finally received a smile and nod of approval from the owner of Cotswold Orchards, Nicholas Dunsby. After Nick's delicious apples have been transformed in our cryo-process and impeccably blended with fine, British gin, our Gin 'n' Juice is now his favourite drink! Try something a little different this Christmas and it might become your favourite too.

While our Gin 'N' Juice is the latest addition to our innovative drinks range, it was our first ever cider that was making headlines a few weeks ago. When the Ciderologist, Gabe Cook, was asked by BBC Good Food to write an article on his top 10 Ciders to try, we were thrilled to see our Original Ice Cyder® on the list along with 9 other fantastic ciders from across the globe! You can read the full article using the following link...

In a year when there hasn't been too much to smile about, it has meant a great deal to have continued winning awards and be listed in the top ten ciders in BBC Good Food. No award however, will mean as much as the support that you've all given us throughout 2020. That's why we're giving all of our subscribers 10% OFF orders over £40 right up until Xmas! Use code CHRISTMAS2020 at checkout to claim your discount and place your Christmas orders! Order your's today at

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