Happy Easter from Broadway Press with 10% OFF

Since the second lockdown was announced on Halloween, it‘s been a very, very long winter. The return of sunshine and blue skies has never been more welcome and the orchard is starting to spring back to life. After their months of dormancy and an annual pruning, the buds on the apple trees respond to the additional light and sunshine that spring offers and burst open on every tree across 250 acres here at Cotswold Orchards.

Cider Apple Tree in Cotswold Orchard
Cotswold Orchards Springs into Life

Thankfully, the pubs, bars and restaurants that we’ve all missed are soon to burst open too. Like many landlords and business owners, we’ve been busy making preparations for April 12th and this week sent out 500 litres of our Original Ice Cyder® to wholesaler Fetch the Drinks, to supply all 9 branches of The Stable Restaurant.

In under 2 weeks, you'll be able to enjoy our Ice Cyder alongside the Stable's fantastic range of pizzas in Bristol, Bath, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Winchester, Plymouth, Falmouth, and Newquay (Fistral Beach). Another 2000L have been sent away to a pack house to be converted into 100 x 20 litre Bag-in Box for what we hope can be a relatively normal summer ahead!

In the meantime, we have the Easter weekend to look forward to, with some further sunshine forecast throughout the week. What better way to welcome that sunshine than drink it all in with an ice-cold, Broadway Press Sparkling Ice Cyder! Order today alongside any of our deliciously refreshing product range to enjoy over the Easter weekend. Use code EASTER2021 at checkout to receive 10% OFF orders over £40! Order your's today at www.broadway-press.com/shop

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